Closed Containment Systems - The Future is Now

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Aquaculture is the most sustainable way to ensure healthy proteins to the world’s rapidly increasing population. But in order to secure continued growth, the challenges concerning escapes, sea lice and local contamination has to be solved. The solution is Floating Closed Containment Systems. 

It is a great pleasure to invite everyone to an open mini-conference at Aqua Nor, where representatives from FishGLOBE, OVUM and Bluegreen present and discuss the latest insights and technology on floating closed containment systems, and share experiences from salmon farming. Floating Closed Containment Systems are the future of aquaculture, and the future is now.


  • 11:15
  • Today’s challenges within aquaculture, and how closed containment systems address them. The technology, regulatory issues, insights and experiences from full scale salmon farming.
  • 11:30
  • Presentation of three floating closed containment concepts: FishGLOBE, OVUM and Marine Donut.
  • 12:00
  • Panel discussion: Is floating closed containment systems the future of aquaculture? Possibilities, challenges and framework conditions.
  • We serve coffee, mineral water and snacks.

Save your seat now!